Month of February

Independence Day,

celebrating independence from Great Britain in 1948, falls on February 4. Parades, dances, processions and national games are organized all over the island. But the main event is held in Colombo, attended mostly by politicians.


Milad – Un- Nabi ( Holy Prophet’s Birthday )
Muslims celebrate the birth of the most important Prophet in Islam by listening to speeches about his life and his teachings

Medin Full Moon Poya Day
Commemorates the visit of The Buddha to his home to preach to his father King Suddhodana and other relatives and show them the path to enlightenment and final deliverance

Started in 1979, the Gangaramaya Navam Perahera
has since developed into one of Sri Lanka.s finest. Held at night on Navam Poya at the Gangaramaya Vihara in the heart of Colombo, it.s a popular tourist attraction that can be viewed from stands located along the roadside of the procession’s route. For more information see The fascinating preparations, particularly the arrival of over 100 tame elephants at Viharamahadevi Park during the daytime, can also be observed.


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